Wegenstreits Guests

Stilttheatre with love and anarchy

Wegenstreits guests have become a classic turn and a high point at street and city events as well as theatre and comedy festivals in Europe and elsewhere. Everywhere the crazy figures in tails and on stilts appear the public is full of enthusiasm.

They don‘t talk, but they communicate a great deal. They find everything new and every reaction astounding. They are artists on their stilts and poets in their hearts.

They don‘t stop at anything or anyone – they climb into other people‘s apartments on the first floor, exchange a bicycle for a piece of furniture, hi-jack busses and trams.

But they give everything back – usually to someone else, just to give pleasure and that, amidst the chaos they create – the nicest since fear of it began – seems to be their only aim.

technical details

“Wegenstreits Guests” is a theatral walking act, strolling through places and streets“Wegenstreits Guests” is nonverbal and interactive with the audience.duration: 30-40 Minuten

  • NO set up and set down time
  • NO technical needs to be prepared
  • best to be performed on urban places and streets