Nujork Denzing Kwiin

good vibes spread through town!

Coming straight from the disco scene of suburbia, a group of dancers and their DJ with his sound system take us along to a trip into town.

With their garishly colored outfits and cult movie quotes, our four disco dudes resemble comic strip heroes representatives from a weird and freaky world.

Watchers-on are drawn into the IMP’s spell, performed on stilts and ground, and soon all on the streets are tapping their feet and smiling as good vibes spread through town until everybody’s dancing along….

technical details

“Nujork Denzing Kwiin” can be performed as a walking act, strolling through places and streets or it can be performed also as a fixed Show with a determined performance area of ca. 10 x 10m.

IRRWISCH carries a little music wagon with the sound system fixed on it, there should be no big obstacles at the streets.

There should not be any source of very loud music, that could  interfere the performance.

  • duration: 35-45 Minuten
  • No set up and set down time
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