Let It Burn!

heartwarming, funny and powerful –
and the sparks fly …

As soon as night falls the tramps return. They bring fire to the squares of the town and they are looking for sparks – the inner sparks which animate everything. Fire kindles, fire fascinates, fire is dangerous and beautiful.

They play with fire, they reveal the fascination with fire which is never pompous, loud and showy, but soothing, powerful, amusing and warming. And the sparks fly. The public is astonished with the acrobatics combined with mysticism and spontaneity.

They know that it’s not only burning on the surface but deep inside – the sparks fly when the four cry ‘Let it burn! The world is what we make of it!’.

technical Rider

Stage:   Irrwisch performes directly on the streets there is no stage necessary.
The ground should be hard!10 x 10 m (without audience)

Light:     it should be as dark as possible (no streetlights!)

Fluids:   (brought by Irrwisch*)
1,5 l  acetone  and 6 l  Petroleum/per performance

Duration:                             45 to 60 min.
Set  up and set down:      5 minutes

Irrwisch is singing and drumming in parts of the performance that’s why it’s necessary to have  no other Music Equipement, PA or something else very loud next to the perfoming place.

*Note : If Irrwisch is travelling by plane these fluids have to be prepared by the organizer.