acrobatics become poetry – cocky streettheatre

They are vagabonds, tramps. They are always on the move and are nowhere at home – and they look like it too. They live from showing what they can do, and they can do a lot. skippers, story tellers, acrobats, drummers, singers….. but really not just that, because that is not what it is all about. It is more about what is in between – between the tricks, between the tramps, between Irrwisch and the public, between the lines. Because what is important is not what you can do, but the way that you do it.

‘The element of suspense in a somersault is only partly in the somersault, the other part is the game of how to get there and get away again’ (Schtan Mowetz). And thus acrobatics become poetry – a moving story about life on the streets and elsewhere.

Irrwisch combines theatricality with physical performance, and an offbeat sense of humour to deliver a witty and intelligent performance.

technical details:

performing area: min. 8 x 10 m (without audience)

no other loud music or sounds near the performance place

  • duration: 45 – 60 Minuten.
  • set up: 5 minutes
  • set down: 10 minutes