« they entertain, they amuse,
they enchant and they provocate »

Press citations

With the the production Wegenstreits Guests Irrwisch belonged this year to the clear public favourite of the Festival!” Viathea Görlitz

“Headlining the four hours of fun were Austrian Group Irrwisch who brought their unique take on stilt-walking to the town, wowing the adults and amazing the youngsters on the market place” City Life, Ashton

Irrwisch turned yesterday the pedestrian precinct upside down.The group showed improvisation theatre of first rate, they amazed with acrobatics, spontaneity and funny jokes. Neue Zeit

“With their show they caused hurly -burly with funny and anarchic jokes. The public was out of their mind with joy” Esslinger Zeitung

“cocky streettheatre! Badisches Tagblatt

“They are really crazy, these Austrians, this is sure. But they are it in a very exciting, smart and buffoon way…” Sudkurier

“they entertain, they amuse, they enchant and they provocate” Neue Braunschweiger

“they played in a powerful fascinating and entertaining way in a combination of acrobatics and spontaneity” Sydsjölland Tidende

Quirk, crazy, kooky and comic. These are the best words to describe the Austrian trio known as Theatre Irrwisch. The performers combine theatricality with physical performance, and an offbeat sense of humour to deliver a witty and intelligent performance. HIFA Magazine

An effervescent performance, tender and exciting. Irrwisch offers lively, infectious street theatre – delightful, eccentric and clever! La Strada

Sí han habido espectáculos que solamente pueden suceder en la calle, que utilizan el mobiliario urbano, el paisanaje, los espacios públicos o privados como elementos que incorporan a su dramaturgia. Dos ejemplos gloriosos: los austriacos de Irrwisch Theater, que ya habíamos visto la semana anterior en Arrigorriaga, y que consiguieron alterar la vida ordinaria, parar la circulación, transgredir de manera simpática y aceptable las normas de convivencia con sus dos montajes, uno protagonizado por cuatro diabólicas viejitas y el otro por cuatro trajeados con zancos. Carlos GIL Umore Azoka